You’ve been hanging your Christmas tree lights all wrong… the ‘zig-zag’ method is quicker easier AND cheaper

ANYONE who has ever put up a Christmas tree will be all too aware of the perils of untangling the lights and putting them on.

However, a TikTok hack has revealed the easiest way to hang your lights – and you have definitely been doing it wrong.

Clare Hoops, who previously decorated Christmas trees professionally, shared her zig-zag method on TikTok.

Speaking in the clip, she explains: “If you’re coiling your Christmas tree lights, you’re doing it wrong.

“Decorating Christmas trees used to be part of my job and we use the zig-zag method.

“It means you don’t waste lights round the back of your tree and if a set breaks you can take them off really easily.”

She demonstrates how she begins at the bottom of the tree and then brings the lights up to the top before bringing them down again in a zig-zag motion.

Captioning the post, she writes: "This method saved me so many times."

Her video has since received over 116,000 likes from grateful decorating enthusiasts.

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