18 Women Reveal Small Reasons You Love Someone & It’ll Make You Tear Up

Chuck flying to Paris to get Blaire her favorite macaroons on Gossip Girl. Noah telling Allie he wrote her every day for a year in The Notebook. Leslie potentially sacrificing her career to be with Ben. In most movies and books and television shows, love is often portrayed as a series of grand gestures. But I firmly believe that the small reasons you love someone on a daily basis are what make IRL couples so special. For example, in a recent Reddit AskWomen thread, ladies shared the small things their partners do to make them love them.

He treats every service person with warmth and kindness.


He randomly says "hi" and tells her she’s pretty.


He rubs her back as she falls asleep every night.


He kisses her "hello" even when they’re fighting.


His forehead kisses make her melt every time.


Her safety is always her first priority.


He makes her favorite coffee every morning.


She’s on a pregnancy diet and he eats the same way she does out of solidarity.


He kisses her head while they watch TV.


He brings her coffee in bed first thing in the morning.


He puts the toilet seat down when she stays over.


He wraps her in a blanket burrito before bed when it’s cold out.


He doesn’t let a day go by without reminding her he loves her.


He doesn’t push her to do things she doesn’t want to do.


He laughs at her jokes, even when they’re bad.


He has a fun nickname for her.


He stops to remind her he loves her out of the blue.


He puts socks on her feet when they get cold.


Is your heart as warm and fuzzy as mine is right now?! Here’s to hoping we all find wonderful loves like these women did.

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