A Glitter Coffin Guarantees Your Funeral Will Be as Over-the-Top as Possible

Nothing says “I’ve lived a fabulous life so I’m going out in the most fabulous way possible” quite like a glitter coffin. The Glitter Coffin Company, based in the United Kingdom, is here to make your final goodbye super extra.

The pretty coffins (a phrase I thought I would never write) are made to order, and prices can be obtained by contacting the company. The glitter coffins can be shipped worldwide, so this is an actual thing you can blow your money on at the end of your life.

“Our stunning coffins are a beautiful way to reflect and celebrate a person’s life,” the company’s site says.

The coffins come in lilac glitter, silver glitter, ice blue, rose gold, pink glitter, black glitter, gold glitter, purple glitter, blue glitter, opal white glitter, copper glitter, red glitter, green glitter, hologram/disco silver glitter, black/silver mix glitter, petrol glitter, royal blue glitter, and gunmetal gray glitter. So, like basically, allllll of the glitters. There’s no doubt that you’ll certainly find your perfect fit out of these array of options.

Obviously there are people out who have different plans after life that doesn’t involve a really large funerary box. So! If you’ve already decided that you want to be cremated, The Glitter Coffin Company also has glitter boxes for ashes for $169.99. There are pet boxes for ashes as well.

It’s nice to know that your funeral can be just as ridiculous as your life probably was — or is that just me?

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