Aldi slashes price of Creme Eggs to just 33p each – The Sun

FORGET the January diet because chocoholics can get their hands on Cadbury Creme Eggs for just 33p at Aldi.

The Easter treats are arriving three months early as the Specialbuys are due to hit stores tomorrow.

"Specialbuy" means that stock will be limited and won't be replaced once they've sold out.

If you've never had one before (and if not, then why not?), Creme Eggs are Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate shells filled with white and yellow fondant.

They should only be eaten as a real treat though because they're no good for your waistline as just one 40g egg contains 177 calories.

A single Creme Egg will normally set you back between 50p from Tesco and 60p from Morrisons, so you will be saving up to 27p per snack.

You can typically save on the eggs if you buy them in a box of 12 for £3.95 or five for £1.65 at Tesco or Ocado.

But the price of both boxes work out at 33p each, the same price as they are at Aldi.

The deal goes on sale from tomorrow, Saturday January 18, but it will only be available to buy in stores.

There are 830 Aldi stores in the UK and you can find your nearest one using the locator tool here.

Chocolate fans can now finally get their hands on the new huge tins of Cadbury Creme Eggs and Mini Eggs.

Baffled shoppers spotted Easter eggs on sale just days after Chrsistmas.

Terry's Chocolate Orange has also launched mini eggs for Easter.

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