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Below Deck

Below Deck viewers have waited for this episode since season six opened in early October. Numerous show trailers teased of a horrific accident that “shook” Captain Lee Rosbach to his core.

The scene shows a deckhand, now known to be Ashton Pienaar, dragged into the ocean by a rope, with the appearance that Pienaar drowns or becomes seriously injured. Viewers now know Pienaar survived the accident, but anxiously awaited the full episode to see how Pienaar is saved. Plus what exactly happened.

Bravo previewed the big accident show as Man Overboard so fans were salivating, waiting to see what exactly occurred. But when the show ended Tuesday night, it left fans not only wanting more but downright agitated. Why were viewers annoyed?

This is how the show ends

While the show was filled with intrigue and comedy, viewers were there for the accident. The crew gains a new deckhand and third stew too. Plus bosun Ross Inia and deckhand Rhylee Gerber share a kiss, not long after getting into a verbal smackdown.

But as the hour ticked away, there was no evidence the accident was about to occur. But during the last few minutes of the show, viewers were “treated” to (again) the same footage teased about for months. And then a black screen followed with “To be continued…” Upcoming previews then focused mainly on more Inia and Gerber spats.

He may have regretted asking

Fans started posting to Twitter almost immediately after the show, expressing frustration and annoyance. Second stew Josiah Carter posted, “What a cliffhanger. Hope everyone loved the show, let me know what you think?”

Fans let Carter know exactly what they thought. “So not cool!!! Give us a cliffhanger with the scene we had already seen!!” one person responded. Another person commented, “Up until they did a click bait on us and ruined the show it was was awesome.” Beyond Carter’s query, viewers stormed Twitter with comments of disgust, many saying they felt that Bravo played them.

More is revealed on ‘Watch What Happens Live’

Although fans were disappointed they didn’t get more from the episode, Andy Cohen got to the bottom of the accident during Watch What Happens Live. Guests included Gerber, Inia, and Rosbach. And Cohen asked Rosbach what exactly happened. Rosbach still looks visibly upset, saying he’s never experienced an accident or anything like this in his lengthy career.

“He stepped into the byte,” Rosbach says. “The byte is the coil of the line that’s controlling the tow line.” When Cohen askes how big of a deal was the accident, Rosbach says, after looking overwhelmed, “It is, in 35 years of yachting I have never ever had an experience that affected me the way this one did.” He adds it was just so traumatic while looking clearly upset and shaking his head.

Of course, fans know Pienaar survives and is doing quite well. His Instagram story showed him partying in New York City with fellow cast members. Plus he’s been doing media appearances and interviews for the last few weeks.  So was not following through with the episode a bad idea for Bravo? It definitely angered fans…who will tune in next week!

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