Artist takes vagina prints from people he finds on Tinder

‘I did some research on professional body paints. I didn’t want a law suit on my hands, if someone had an allergic reaction.

‘I chose some that will not make any damage. That is not what I wanted to happen and we did tests on their hands first.’

Davide has created around 100 prints, but narrowed down his selection to the best 30 for his exhibitions. He held a show in Berlin, then one in Budapest to celebrate Pride week last June.

He says: ‘There were many of the woman at the exhibition but nobody knew who.

Artist Davide Di Votti who creates unique works by taking painted prints of VAGINAS -- and finds his models on Tinder. See SWNS story SWTPpaint. Davide Di Votti, 34, wanted to create shocking art that also spread a positive message about inclusivity and equality. He said he "had the idea of painting vaginas and making prints" and set up a profile on Tinder asking for models for body painting art. The professional theatre critic found six models who were willing to let him paint their bits and take prints.

‘Maybe someone would be looking at the exhibition and standing next to the model whose painting they were looking at.

‘When you see all the pictures, they are all different, but they are all vaginas and you don’t know who is who or who is gay or straight or anything else. They are all beautiful in the same way.

‘I have changed too. After I worked with a trans lady, I spoke with her about her life and her challenges and before that I didn’t know much about what it meant to be trans.

‘But when you look at the pictures you can’t tell who was born a lady and who was born as a guy.

‘In Hungary this is a really, really, really hard topic to discuss and that makes the message important.’

Davide is now on the look out for more models to take part in the project, having found his previous participants through Tinder.

His Tinder profile didn’t mention the intimate nature of the painting, but anyone who replied to him received an honest explanation of the work.

Those who agreed to take part met Davide for coffee for a chat, then they would arrange a second meeting at his apartment for the painting.

He was inspired to create the works because he wanted to make something shocking.

‘I started to think I should do something that is personal and shocking and can transfer some kind of message,’ he explains.

‘I was thinking about what could be interesting. I had the idea of painting vaginas and making prints.

‘People say that Tinder is a place to find people so I did a profile on Tinder and said what I was looking for.

‘I was quite surprised by the matches.

‘There are all sorts of models from skinny girls to bigger girls, from ages 20 to in their 40s, and any age and size. It was important to me to have a variety and they were all very different.

‘The message for me is that all ladies are ladies.’

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