‘Bachelorette’ preview: Hannah’s ‘heart hurts’ choosing among Jed, Tyler and Peter

With Luke Parker officially out of the picture — for good, this time! — Hannah Brown is down to three suitors on the penultimate episode of “The Bachelorette.”

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In a sneak peek of tonight’s episode, Hannah seems anxious before the rose ceremony, where she will eliminate one of the three finalists: Tyler Cameron, Jed Wyatt or Peter Weber.

There does not appear to be an obvious front-runner for Hannah.

“This week has been crazy, insane. I sent Luke home. I have no regrets, but now I have a big decision to make and my heart hurts,” she said. “Which future do I want?”

Hannah, 24, had been having a difficult time choosing between the three remaining men. But her decision about Luke was made slightly easier when Luke said he’d want to go home if she’d had sex with another contestant. After that, she showed him out — but not before confirming that yes, she had in fact been intimate with one of the men — in a windmill, no less!

“I’ve taken a lot of criticism, but I know that I was put in this position to be able to speak my truth and there is a lot of people that can relate to the things that I’ve been through,” she told “Good Morning America.” “It’s no wonder people don’t talk about really important things like faith and sexuality in the media because no matter what you do, it’s you’re damned if you don’t, damned if you do. And I will not allow that to stop me from talking about the things that are important to me because more people need to be vocal about it.”

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