Best Christmas Fancy Dress 2020 | The Sun UK

'TIS officially the season, and you know what that means? Christmassy fancy dress!

We're not just talking about Santa costumes, either – there are tons of options when it comes to Christmas fancy dress.

Christmas fancy dress costumes can make an impact on the Zoom Christmas party, or they can simply step the festivities up a notch for Christmas Day!

You can go the silly route and dress up like a Christmas turkey, a Christmas bauble or a Christmas present.

There are also plenty of more stylish ways to rock the costume-at-Christmas look, donning soldier-style garb with epaulettes for your interpretation of a Nutcracker, or wearing a green tiered dress as a nod to a contemporary Christmas tree.

You can also go old school – like really old school, dressing up as a nativity character.

If you're going to splash out on a fancy dress Christmas costume for your child, consider a nativity-themed one: they will be in a nativity production every year they're in school.

In fact, your safest bet is probably an angel or a king, which is why they feature in our amazing list of the best Christmas fancy dress costumes.

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