‘Brexit Britain should be wary of Trump’s America First policies’

Barack Obama said that post-Brexit, we would be at the back of the queue for a new trade deal with the US.

Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser John Bolton has reversed that policy by saying we will now be first in line.

There is no doubt we need a new agreement with our second-largest trading partner – but that should not come at any price.

Despite sympathetic noises from the White House, we should remember Trump’s mantra on international trade is America First.

The UK, which would enter any negotiations from a position of weakness, will be under pressure to allow US firms to plunder our health service and take in their chlorinated chicken or hormone-raised beef.

We should not accept lower food standards or opening the doors of the NHS to US private vultures as the cost of a free trade deal.

The Trump administration may sound like our friends but it represents aggressive US corporations ready to exploit us.

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