Britain’s oldest punk, 88, gave up lollipop lady job to form rock band with son

Britain's oldest punk rocker is still wowing crowds at the age of 88 after turning her back on life as a lollipop lady.

Great-gran Viva Hamnell was a middle-aged mum-of-two when punk burst onto the music scene in the 1970s.

She fell in love with the anarchic sound made popular by the Sex Pistols and quit her lollipop duties to form her own band.

Viva is still performing on stage four decades later as she nears her 90th birthday – and she has no plans to quit.

She proudly claims to be the undisputed Oldest Lady of Punk and has hundreds of fans across the globe.

Viva, of Callington, Cornwall, formed her first punk band ‘The Bricks’ with her son Simon in 1974 when she was 45.

She said: “Because I was so much older – and a mum and lollipop lady – we got a lot of publicity, particular because I’d dress as a boy scout.

“The truth is I had no talent at all – I couldn’t sing, but it didn’t seem to matter back then.

“Punk just brought something alive in me. We were gigging five times a week at clubs, pubs and festivals.

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