BTS’ Jungkook Officially Calls Himself ‘Hyung’ After TXT’s Debut & Fans Are Emotional

Jungkookie is all grown up! The BTS member just called himself ‘hyung’ on Twitter while congratulating k-pop band TXT on their debut, and fans are in a frenzy. Don’t worry; we’ll explain why!

Jungkook may be our baby, but he’s not a baby anymore. The BTS stunner posted the most precious message to the TXT (Tomorrow X Together) boys on Twitter, and it’s just too sweet! Remember how Jungkook (aka Jeon Jeong-guk) was the youngest member of the Big Hit Entertainment family? Well, now that the label formed the new k-pop boy band, he’s lost that title to a new group of younger guys. But, he’s gained a new title — hyung! For those not up on their Korean vocab, that means that he’s calling himself, essentially, their big brother. Try not to scream, okay?

Jungkookie’s loving comment also included the message “don’t get sick and good luck on promos!” which is, frankly, too much to handle. His tweet came in response to TXT tweeting a photo of themselves hanging out with BTS. The guys all look like old friends already. They wrote in their tweet (this is roughly translated; bear with us), “I sincerely thank our seniors who have been busy giving a lot of good words and heartfelt advice to us. We will work hard to be a junior!”

Obviously, ARMYs are swooning. It’s a strange mix of emotions knowing that Jungkook isn’t the baby of the label anymore. Some fans are joking that Jungkook is still going to act like a youngster, despite calling himself a hyung! So funny. Others are just proud as hell that he’s passing on the torch to the juniors from TXT. “Jungkook hyung? No! He’s my babyyyy,” one ARMY wrote, along with a bunch of crying emojis. We know that feel, girl. “I FORGOT THAT JUNGKOOK WILL BE A HYUNG. OoF I’m not emotional,” tweeted another. Same!

“IT’S OFFICIAL!! OUR BABY GREW UP…JUNGKOOK HYUNG #JungkookHyung,” reads another tweet. Thanks for reminding us, geez! No matter how you personally feel about Jungkook calling himself hyung, you have to admit that this is a game-changer for k-pop. Welcome to the scene, TXT!

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