BTS’ Tweets For Jin’s Birthday Show Just How Much They All Love Their Oldest Member

When it comes to celebrating birthdays, BTS means business. In honor of their oldest member, Jin’s, birthday, BTS has taken to Twitter to express just how much they love him and everything he brings to the group. BTS’ tweets for Jin’s birthday show that everyone in the group is full of nothing but love for him!

Jin, whose full name is Kim Seok Jin, was born on Dec. 4, 1992. So, that makes him 26 now. And BTS’ members are making sure the world knows just how loved and respected Jin is through their official Twitter account.

“Our eldest brother’s beloved elder brother Congratulations on your birthday ❤️❤️☺️❣️ #JIMIN # My first birthday,” one tweet read.

In another tweet, they said, “It’s intense !! Steamed !! Happy birthday, steamed !! #HAPPY_JIN_DAY # Hop film.”

And that was really just the start of what’s become a bit of a movement on Twitter. As you probably know by now, BTS fans are wildly passionate and will do just about anything to make sure their love of the group is known worldwide. And they’re doing just that for Jin on his special day.

BTS fans — or ARMY, I should say — made sure that they took over Twitter for Jin’s birthday and they did so with a hashtag (#OnDecember4AStarWasBorn) that’s trending right now. The hashtag is super clever and definitely shows the fans’ enthusiasm for Jin and his birthday. Have a look down below at what fans are tweeting for Jin’s birthday.

Some messages for Jin were relatively simple, like this one:

Others were a bit more sentimental:

And some were just downright hilarious, like this one:

Those are just a few among thousands, but everyone had a special way of sharing their love for Jin.

And Jin seems to have really taken all those messages to heart. In fact, there were so many people who wished (and are still wishing) Jin a happy birthday that it’s impossible to keep up! Since Jin couldn’t thank everyone individually, he decided to release a really sweet statement expressing his gratitude for all the happy wishes on his birthday.

You can check out Jin’s thank you note down below:

Here’s part of what he wrote, as translated by a fan on Twitter:

Needless to say, the BTS ARMY is super enthusiastic about wishing their faves a happy birthday. And Jin seems very grateful that he gets so much love from around the world.

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