Calls for ‘Baby it’s cold outside’ to be BANNED

Christmas classic Baby it’s Cold Outside should be BANNED because of its ‘predatory undertones’ writer argues on GMB – but viewers say she’s taking feminism ‘too far’

  • Author Daisy Buchanan argued that the famous song was offensive to women 
  • In recent years, critics have said the holiday classic has ‘predatory undertones’
  • Unimpressed Piers blasted the writer telling her to ‘shut up’ saying it was flirting

A writer’s calls for the holiday classic Baby it’s Cold Outside to be banned caused a furore on Good Morning Britain on Wednesday.   

The ITV show hosted a debate about the Christmas song following news that a US radio station had removed the track from its playlist because the lyrics have ‘predatory undertones’ it deems ‘inappropriate’.

Writer and feminist Daisy Buchanan infuriated presenter Piers Morgan as she claimed that the famous Christmas song, which first appeared in the 1949 film Neptune’s Daughter, was offensive to women and, pointed out that in the movie it was played during a scene that amounted to sexual assault.  

The GMB host angrily told her to ‘shut up’ when she insisted that in the movie scene the song is played the male singer is ‘invading her space, he’s coming up next to her’.

Viewers sided with Piers branding the argument ‘ridiculous’ and ‘feminism gone mad’.

One tweeted to call the writer ‘infuriating’ and said: ‘I bet she dances happily to Blurred Lines’, a reference to the 2013 Robin Thicke smash hit renowned for ‘problematic’ lyrics like ‘I know you want it’. 

Author Daisy Buchanan agrees with calls for the Christmas song ‘Baby it’s cold outside’ to be banned after a US radio station removed it from its playlists because it was inappropriate

An angry Piers Morgan slammed the suggestion it should be banned because it was about ‘harmless flirting’ and not sexual assault as Daisy claimed 

Viewers fumed on Twitter taking to the social media platform to agree with Piers and argue that it was ‘ridiculous’ to ban the song 

One viewer raged: ‘OH MY GOD!!!! It’s a Christmas song that’s been around for YEARS!! What is wrong with people… Why suddenly in 2018 is everything wrong!’

‘This has gone too far now… Christmas songs being offensive and banning them! This is bloody ridiculous. I love this song,’ said another angry viewer.

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‘What has the world come to. Banning Christmas songs because the content is now inappropriate!’ added a third.  

Piers wanted Daisy to clarify her problem with the song which she had said was a ‘a sexual assault in process’.

She responded: ‘I want radio stations to stop playing this song until the world has changed, like a real drop in sexual assault statistics.’

The writer explained that the song ‘was about trying to get away from a man and this is a woman saying this is not what I want’.

Piers hit back insisting it was ‘just harmless flirting’: ‘You’ve watched the movie and the song and that’s your conclusion. It’s not the point of the song, not the point of the movie. You want to expunge this song from history.’

‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ was featured twice in the film Neptune’s Daughter (pictured above) WDOK Christmas 102.1 in Cleveland has pulled the song from its Christmas music line up

The station said it had received a call from a listener who suggested the song, written in the 1940s, contains a dated message and that it could be considered ‘predatory’ 

Other viewers said that the song was a classic and complained ‘what was happening in this world’ 

A clip of the original movie was played where some of the lyrics sing: “I simply must go. Baby it’s cold outside. Your lips look delicious. My father will be there at the door.”

Piers snapped: ‘Yeah that really looked like a sexual assault to me Daisy. It was romantic and they’re just flirting.’

However, Daisy insisted of the scene: ‘He’s invading her space, he’s coming up next to her.’

Incensed Piers told her to ‘shut up’ before asking: ‘How can you believe that Daisy? 

She hit back: ‘How can you as men tell me what women are and aren’t enjoying? How do you know?” 

‘Who are you to tell every other woman that that’s not harmless?’ 

Author Daisy Buchanan insisted that the song was a sexual assault in progress, arguing with Piers that it was not just flirting

Daisy added: ‘This is not what healthy happy flirting looks like. It’s romantic for you because you’re men and you have power.

‘What she’s doing is trying to manage his expectations. Women are conditioned to be polite – she’s doing everything she can. We have to move with the times – we don’t play Gary Glitter anymore.’

Piers’ co-host Susanna Reid shared her own support for Daisy adding: ‘Do you know what, as a fellow feminist I think it’s a valiant argument but I’m not sure you’ve won it.’

US WDOK radio station in Cleveland removed the popular tune ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ from its playlist after concerns were raised that it has ‘predatory undertones’ and is inappropriate in 2018. 

However, in an online petition by the radio station 94 per cent of respondents said they would rather keep the song and only 6 per cent argued that it was inappropriate. 

Many furious listeners were so horrified at the station’s decision that they threatened to boycott it, branding those who wanted the song removed “snowflakes”. 

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