Celebrity PT reveals how YOU can get beach body ready in four weeks

How YOU can get beach body ready in just four weeks: Celebrity PT shares his tips for a summer fitness blitz – from ditching ‘targeted’ exercises to only working out on an empty stomach

  • Celebrity personal trainer Matt Fiddes, of Swindon, Wiltshire, has shared his tips 
  • Explained the secret to getting beach body ready is to take a holistic approach 
  • Suggested sharing before and after pictures on Instagram for greater success 

A personal trainer to the stars claims anyone can get ‘beach body ready’ in just four weeks. 

Matt Fiddes, who counts ex-Love Island stars Megan Barton Hanson and Hayley Hughes among his clients, explained the key to success is to take a holistic approach to training. 

Matt, from Swindon, Wiltshire, who was Michael Jackson’s bodyguard for ten years, advised fitness newbies to let go of the idea of ‘targeted exercises’ in favour of whole body workouts – and explained why it is best to exercise on an empty stomach. 

Speaking to FEMAIL, Matt revealed the simple fitness and lifestyle changes anyone can make… 

A personal trainer to the stars claims anyone can get ‘beach body ready’ in just four weeks. Matt Fiddes explained the key is to take a holistic approach to your training. Stock image 

Train on an empty stomach 

Train on an empty stomach so you hit those stored energy cells (basically our fat cells) right away. 

Otherwise your body will be busy burning off the calories from your last meal. 

If you can’t do this due to work commitments, try and leave as long a gap as possible and train hungry. 

Kickstart your biggest muscles 

Weight training is far more effective at weight loss than standard cardio on a running machine. 

Look to train the bigger muscles. Like squats which will have an impact on your body for a few days. 

The quads (thighs) is the largest muscle in the body and will shock it. You can start off doing two and then increase it by two a day.

So by the end of the four weeks you will be doing a lot of squats. This will give you muscle tone and melt fat.

Megan Barton Hanson and Matt Fiddes as they perform a Boxing exercise with the pads. The personal trainer helped the ex-Love Island star tone her incredible figure

Cut out alcohol 

Alcohol can encourage fat to be held around the tummy area. See the difference it will make in your skin quality and general alertness. 

It is taxing on the body and weight loss and drinking don’t go together. Have a celebratory drink for getting through your four week plan.

Remember: Drink plenty of water 

You need to flush your body to get rid of those internal fat cells. Hot water helps in exchange for coffee. Add lemon if you want to give it a taste.

But look out for flavoured waters as they can be unexpectedly high in sugar.

Share before and after photos online

Take a picture of yourself now in training gear or swimwear and put it out on social media. 

Tell your friends and family that your goal is to make some changes in four weeks, to look better on the beach.

Find a training partner

You will be far more likely  to have success if you find someone to train with and be honest which each other about your progress. 

Motivation is the key to keeping going. Getting started is the hardest bit and a training partner will make all the difference.

Forget ‘targeted’ exercises 

It is a myth that doing sit ups will make you slimmer in that area. Or squats will make your legs smaller. 

Body fat comes off your body in a general way. And not in a specific area you work on. You need to hit the whole body with various exercises. 

You don’t need a gym but some equipment would be helpful. 

I like the cross trainer as it is easy on the joints and you can easily watch TV while burning fat and toning up the whole body. It’s my favourite cardio muscle toning machine.

Celebrity trainer Matt Fiddes (pictured with Hayley Hughes on an unidentified beach) has revealed how to get beach body ready within four weeks

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