Charles slammed for ‘US spelling’ in Notre Dame note – but there’s reason for it

Prince Charles has been slammed for using 'American spelling' in a letter he wrote to President Macron after the devastating Notre Dame fire.

The royal wrote a touching message after the tragic blaze, which destroyed huge parts of the iconic building, but many people weren't impressed.

Throughout the typed message from Clarence House, he uses 'ize' instead of 'ise', which is commonly believed to be the American-spelling.

He writes 'agonizing and realize' rather than 'agonising and realise'.

One follower wrote: "Wait what? A British uses 'realize' not realise? Are you an American or the future King?"

However his choice of spelling isn't new and the heir to the throne regularly uses these terms in official letters and statements.

The use of z instead of s actually originates from England, rather than the US as commonly believed, and dates back from the 15th Century.

Clarence House declined to comment.

The letter reads: "My wife and I were utterly heartbroken to learn of the terrible fire at Notre-Dame cathedral this evening and wanted to let you know immediately how much we were thinking of yourself and the French people at this most agonizing of times, and of the emergency services who are so bravely tackling the blaze.

"I realize only too well what a truly special significance the Cathedral holds at the heart of your nation; but also for us all outside France it represents one of the greatest architectural achievements of Western Civilization.

"It is a treasure for all mankind, as such, to witness its destruction in its most dreadful conflagration is a terrible tragedy, the unbearable pain of which we all share.

"Cher Monsieur le President, our hearts go out to you and the people of France more than you will ever know, especially in view of our experience with the devastating fire at Windsor Castle twenty-seven years ago.

"We send you our most profound sympathy, however inadequate that may be."

While some criticised the statement, others praised the prince's words.

One wrote: "This was a very touching message."

Another added: "Well said your Royal Highness. Thank you for your humble sincere acknowledgment."

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