Cheddar From ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Has Died, But He’ll Never Be Forgotten

Sad news from the 99th Precinct. Stewart, one of the dogs who played Cheddar on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, has died. As Captain Ray Holt once said, "Everything is garbage." On Monday, July 8, Stewart’s owner shared that the Corgi that portrayed Captain Holt’s beloved pup "crossed the rainbow bridge" that day. He was 13.

His owner wrote,

His final hours were spent at the beach, eating burgers, and with his buddies. Man, that is just about the sweetest, most devastating thing.

Multiple dogs have played Captain Holt’s beloved Corgi throughout the series, but as Entertainment Weekly noted, Stewart played the role the longest. It looks like they have kept the part of Cheddar in the family: Back in May, Stewart’s owner announced on Instagram that he “has officially passed on the torch” to his sister Stella.

The cute dog who played Captain Holt’s “cute little secret weapon” for several seasons was apparently a true ham on set. As trainer Michael W. Miliotti told Entertainment Weekly in 2018,

Would you like to hear more about Stewart’s shenanigans? Of course you would. Go ahead and buckle up for an incredible anecdote. In the aforementioned EW feature, Brooklyn Nine-Nine executive producer Dan Goor recalled,

Are you kidding me? That is a phenomenal story. Stewart was and is forever a comedic genius. Sure, there are other Cheddars, but there was only one Stewart the Corgi who would emit a "soft, unending howl" at the wrong/right time because he wanted to make all of the humans on the Brooklyn Nine-Nine set laugh.

Here’s to you, Stewart. That grouchy chinchilla that Lieutenant Terry Jeffords follows on Instagram has got nothing on you. You precious swim trunks-wearing, plaque-finding, wedding cake-gobbling Corgi, you.

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