Child killers will not leave prison and instead die behind bars under new plans

Child murderers will be locked up for life and die in prison if new government laws are approved.

The change would mean killers are given whole-life orders and never released from jail.

It comes as prime minister Boris Johnson prepares to announce his latest crackdown on criminal punishment, according to The Sun.

Mr Johnson will announce the policy on October 14 when MPs are set to return to parliament.

The proposal will also see violent and sexual offenders serving at east two thirds of their full terms.

According to the Sunday Telegraph, a source said: "Most people think all parties and the courts have lost the plot on sentencing. We agree with the public.

"We will act as quickly and aggressively as we can, given Parliament does not want to do what the people want on crime, just as it doesn't on Brexit."

Sentencing Council rules say judges must give 'a life sentence to all offenders found guilty of murder'.

They must serve a minimum term before they can be considered a parole.

However, that does not apply to most child killers.

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