Cleaning expert shares 1p DIY dishwasher tablet hack using three household items

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A woman has shared an amazing DIY recipe to make your own dishwasher tablets without forking a fortune on supermarkets items.

The cleaning expert shared details on her Instagram and said while one high street brand tablet costs about 17p, a DIY version only costs just 1p each.

In the clip, Mrs D displayed the three materials required when making the dishwasher tablet – baking soda, citric acid and washing up liquid.

She first placed one cup of bicarbonate of soda with one quarter cup of citric acid in a mixing bowl and gave it a good mix.

Next she used washing up liquid, but the guru said you just need one tablespoon of the stuff.

"When you do, they are going to react and fizz up," Mrs D said. "It will expand, it is actually foaming up really well."

The cleaning whizz said to keep blending all the ingredients together until they are fully mixed.

Then you'll need to give it a good mix before placing them onto a silicone ice tray.

Once filled up, Mrs D added: "So you're going to leave these for four hours. You can leave them overnight if you like.

"But they do need a minimum of four hours. You don't have to leave them in the fridge, you can leave them out on the counter or anywhere that is out of reach for children.

When the mix solidified in the mould, it's easily popped out just like a tablet.

"They are hard as anything. You will find some little bits falling off but they are just crumbs," she added.

Mrs D said she used Persil's Apple Fizz scent for the washing up liquid.

The tablets can be stored in any air-tight container.

Viewers were intrigued to try them out themselves and make their own dishwasher tablet with different scents.

One said: "I’m definitely going to have a go at making these. What a brilliant tip!"

"I did not know that was possible!" another commented.

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