Daily Horoscope for December 29: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac today

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Today’s horoscope sees the Moon and the Sun in opposition and that can only mean one thing: a Full Moon is around the corner. Here in the UK, the celestial bodies will not oppose each other until Wednesday morning. But the energies flowing from this powerful aspect can already be felt today.

Astrologers look at a Full Moon as a culminating point that strikes halfway through the lunar cycle.

Today is consequently a time when the fruits of your labour become apparent.

Whatever project or endeavour you started two weeks ago will start to pay off.

The Moon is in Cancer today and Cancer is a very intuitive and emotional sign to deal with it.

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Capricorn meanwhile exudes discipline and responsibility and is said to pair very well with Cancer.

Today and tomorrow, astrologer Debra Silverman of Astrology Answers expects the two to form one of the “yummiest” combinations.

She said: “Here’s the deal, Capricorns, as we all know, are the ones that are getting things done without necessarily including their emotions.

“They’re goal-oriented, they’re up a mountain, they’ve got this ambition.

“But the Full Moon in Cancer is saying, ‘Please don’t forget about us at home, make sure that your heart’s open, where’s the feeling body?'”

So when the conditions are right, this Capricorn-Cancer Full Moon will show you how to make use of the essences.

According to Ms Silverman, this will open up your heart to your surroundings even while you are busy with work.

This means you will have an opportunity to think about your family and that is crucial, particularly when so many people are separated by the coronavirus pandemic.

Ms Silverman said: “That’s the perfect combination, that you do what you do because you love, and you do what you love because you’ve got this amazing purpose.

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“If you don’t have a purpose, that’s when you call an astrologer.”

Keep in mind time is running out before the clocks strike midnight on December 31.

Spend a minute today to think about some new year resolutions under the light of the Full Moon.

Is there a purpose behind your actions and your work?

Are you in love with your work and if not, is there something you can do to change that?

And with the essence of Capricorn guiding you two today, don’t forget forgiveness is a powerful tool in your arsenal.

With cancer in tow, open up your heart and realise people sometimes make mistakes.

Ms Silverman said: “So if you made any mistakes, Full Moon in Cancer is a great time to say, ‘Aww, there’s finally some water in the sky.'”

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