‘Danger to life’ warning issued in the UK – here’s where snow will hit

Britain will be hit by a triple whammy of rain, wind and snow as a unsettled front moves in from the Atlantic on Friday.

Met Office forecasters warned of a ‘danger to life’ from flying debris as it put a yellow warning in place for parts of Scotland.

But it warned that snow could follow in elevated areas as a Scandinavian cold front moves south.

The picture for the UK is fairly mixed with some regions mostly escaping a radical drop in temperatures.

This is the regional breakdown of how the weather will unfold across the UK today and tonight.


Temperatures will stay fairly mild today across England today but inhabitants will have to contend with some heavy downpours in parts.

Forecasters put in place a yellow warning for rain between the hours of 1am and 9am and said that some areas could be affected by flash flooding

Around 20-40mm of rain were forecast but some regions will be lucky enough to escape entirly.

The Met Office said: "A windy day with early heavy rain and overcast skies clearing the southwest to leave a mixture of sunny spells and some heavy and blustery showers.

"Windy with coastal gales developing overnight and scattered showers continuing to move across the region from the west. Showers occasionally heavy. Tonight will seen a minimum temperature 5 °C."


Scotland will be worst hit by the remnants of ‘Storm Deirdre’ as northern parts of Scotland, including Orkney and Shetland, will be blasted by 60-80mph winds.

Heavy rainfall could turn to snow in elevated parts of central Scotland as temperatures see a significant drop.

"Drier in the northeast. Windy with west or southwesterly gales in the north and west, storm force along west coast. Maximum Temperature 9 °C."

It added that temperatures will struggle to go above 5 °C later tonight.


The weather picture in Wales is similar to England and rain warnings have been put in place as commuters are told to look out for possible travel disruption.

The Met Office said: "A windy day with heavy rain and overcast skies in the morning clearing away to leave a mixture of sunshine and showers for the rest of the day, while maximum temperature will hover at 11 °C.

"Tonight will be windy with coastal gales developing overnight and scattered showers continuing to move across the region from the west. Showers occasionally heavy. Minimum temperature 4 °C."


Northern Ireland will see chilly temperatures arrive after the unsettled front moves along the country’s northern coast line.

Forecasters said: "Bright and breezy with occasional blustery showers, these most frequent across northern and western counties. Fresh locally strong westerly winds, perhaps touching gale force along the north coast this afternoon. Maximum temperature 7 °C.

"A rather windy evening and night to come with a few showers, these becoming prolonged in places. Fresh to strong west or northwesterly winds. Minimum temperature 5 °C.

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