Danielle From ‘Unanchored’ Isn’t Just A Reality Star — She’s A Doctor, Too

Bravo’s Unanchored is yet another reality TV adventure on the open sea, but this time it brings together a cast of friends with major history together as they head to the Bahamas for a trip of a lifetime. Danielle McNeil on Unanchored is a standout from the get-go, so ahead of the premiere, let’s learn a little more about who she is.

According to her official Bravo cast bio, Danielle is a doctor — a podiatrist, to be exact — who is ready to set sail. Her LinkedIn page says she’s newly relocated to San Francisco, and has a doctorate degree from the New York College of Podiatric Medicine. She also even worked as a clinical professor for the school, and worked at a New York medical center for nearly five years before moving.

Personality-wise, the bio describes her as “whip smart” but “with a wild streak and a penchant for adventure.” She’s headed into the show already dating fellow castmate Barrett, who is apparently the reason for her San Francisco move, meaning she’s expecting him to hold up his end of the relationship if she’s making such a big change. That’s sure to be a point of contention as the series gets into full swing, but that’s definitely not all there is to Danielle.

Danielle’s Instagram feed shows that she strikes a pretty great mix between professional and personal success. One minute she’ll be running around in a lab coat and scrubs, coffee in hand, and the next she’ll be hiking through a national forest seeking peace. She and Barrett have some adorable photo ops together — sometimes with puppies! — that are oftentimes pretty silly and cute.

She also posts about causes that are important to her, like affordable medical school, and shared a photo of her grandmother for International Women’s Day. Sailing isn’t lost on Danielle, either — though she hasn’t been too heavily promoting Unanchored on her Instagram, she has shared some snapshots of her time on the sea.

Unanchored isn’t the first reality TV show set on the ocean — Bravo also has shows like Below Deck and its spinoff taking up that space of the genre. But it is definitely an interesting twist that the cast all seem to know each other, and have histories that viewers aren’t totally savvy to just yet, and the show promises even more drama than fans might expect. “Sure, sailing around the Bahamas is going to be hard work for this crew, but you can expect way more fun as they visit various islands, take in all the natural wonder of the area, and party the night away,” Bravo’s site reads. “But living and working on a boat isn’t always a pleasure cruise. There are some major rough waters ahead that come in the form of lies, secrets, infidelity, and lots and lots of drama.”

Unanchored is already being compared to other hits on Bravo, like the iconic Vanderpump Rules, which heads into its seventh season this week. That’s a big compliment, given the cult following the older show has garnered, and if Unanchored delivers the same explosive fights, unexpected romances and addictive drama Bravo specializes in, it might just be your new favorite binge watch.

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