Everything you can use instead of eggs in recipes

Revealed: Everything you can use instead of eggs in recipes – from chia seeds to a mashed BANANA

  • A woman has shared what can be used as a substitute for eggs while baking  
  • Some of the alternative ingredients included peanut butter and ripe bananas 
  • Each ingredient can be used either by itself or by adding water to create a paste

A home cook has revealed ideas for what people can use instead of eggs in recipes, after some shops started running out of them because of coronavirus hoarders.

Her handy tips include seven ingredients that can be used instead of eggs.

‘The lack of eggs is getting real, when baking you can use these substitutes,’ she said.

Her alternatives included ripe bananas, chia seeds, ground flax, soy protein, agar agar, apple sauce and peanut butter.  

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Posting an image to the Australian Slow Cooker Recipes and Tips communal Facebook page, the handy tip outlined seven ingredients that can be used instead of eggs

‘There’s a lot going on right now and grocery stores are doing their best to keep stocked. If you can’t find eggs and need to bake, perhaps these can help you out,’ she added. 

Depending on the recipe, each ingredient can be used by itself or by adding water to create a paste.

For each tablespoon of ground flaxseeds three tablespoons of water must be used to create a thick egg-like mixture, while peanut butter, mashed ripe bananas and unsweetened apple sauce can be used on their own.

The cook’s post on Facebook has been shared 1,100 times and currently has 479 likes. 

Some people shared their own advice on what you can use instead of eggs. 

‘You can make meringue using the water from canned chickpeas! Also check out vegan baking recipes for other egg alternatives,’ one woman said. 

Numerous social media users commented on the post, with many addressing their own baking tips

‘I freeze the eggs, split the egg whites from the yellows in freezer trays,’ another said.

A third added: ‘Plain yogurt is one as well and white vinegar if your baking’.

Others impressed users praised the home cook for sharing the insight, one woman commented: ‘There is nothing like the connected spirit of women to solve a problem; if only we could steer you all toward the problems that face our leaders today’. 

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