Gran mortified as daughter is given very rude-looking present for Christmas

A woman has filmed the hilarious moment she gave her mum a sex toy-shaped present for Christmas – much to the horror of her grandma.

The clip, shared to TikTok by @rnadius, shows the daughter revealing her present to the camera and it looks identical to a Rampant Rabbit.

She then films herself handing it to her mum who looks bemused before joking: “I’ve got batteries in the draw.

But her reaction is nothing compared to her gran. The elderly woman’s mouth literally drops at the apparently X-rated gift being handed out in front of her.

Since being shared on Christmas Day, the video has exploded online, being seen more than 2.8 million times.

“Granny looks traumatized haha,” one viewer wrote.

Another commented: “The look on your grandmother’s face is priceless. Poor thing looks traumatized.”

A third added: “I did not think it could get better but then she said that.”

Thankfully for the grandma, though, it was all a cheeky prank as the gift was actually nothing more than some make-up – with extra wrapping inside to give the impression of a sex toy.

In another video, the daughter revealed the truth, saying: “Why do people actually think I’d give that to my mum? It was just this. Maybe for her birthday.”

It comes after another woman’s Christmas present for her niece ended up looking much ruder than intended.

The picture of the oddly-shaped gift quickly went viral on Facebook, where viewers could not help but point out its phallic look.

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