Here's How Every KarJenner Wax Figure Compares to the Actual Family Member It Was Based on

If you don’t happen to attend a lot of film premieres or publicity events, you may have to “meet” celebrities the old-fashioned way: at the wax museum. You won’t have a chance to experience their fun (or sometimes, let’s face it, aloof) personalities, but you might be able to fool your Aunt Donna on Facebook.

One of the most famous clans of all, the Kardashians (with a few Jenners thrown in), are finally a wax family at Madame Tussauds in N.Y.C. Though they’ve all had their fair share of synthetic doppelgangers, this is the first time all six have shared the same space.

Scroll down below to see how likely each KarJenner figure will be to fool Aunt D. as we rank them from least to most believable.

Khloé Kardashian

Someone really dropped the ball (er, mold?) with this one. Wax Khloé’s long platinum locks are probably the only thing remotely comparable to the real-life Good American boss. The nose is glaringly off, the eyes are off, even the shape of her head seems inaccurate.

Kim Kardashian

Considering the sheer amount of Kim Kardashian wax figures around the world, you’d think they’d have perfected it by now. But alas, no one has been able to mold the reality star’s essence into its properly curvaceous form. Wax Kim looks vaguely Kim-y but her face is somehow missing the character of the O.G. mother of four, plus we’re struggling to remember a time her hair ever looked like that …

Kendall Jenner

Jenner’s figure appears to be based on a 2015 red carpet appearance, so it’s out of date, but even if we compare it to the Kendall of that time, it’s all wrong. Wax Kendall’s face is bizarrely wide and the strange fit of her dress makes it seem like she got duped in a bad online shopping experience. If wax Kendall was a real person on the street, I’d probably think “Huh, she looks kind of like Kendall Jenner.”

Kris Jenner

This definitely looks like Kris, though of course it helps that the O.G. momager is wearing the same outfit and sitting in the same position beside her imposter. That being said, wax Kris doesn’t really look human? The hair is very doll-like, and while the KarJenners do generally have flawless skin, wax Kris’s is a bit too smooth and poreless to be believed — it gives the appearance of a woman ten years her junior, which the 63-year-old is probably cool with, but no doubt takes away from the authenticity of the figure.

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Kylie Jenner

Kylie’s figure, like Kendall’s, is a bit out of date — her outfit is based on a 2015 appearance. Despite this, Jenner’s face appears to be more contemporary than the model it was based off. Still, we haven’t seen Kylie with hair this length in years, and the makeup mogul we know wouldn’t dare hit the red carpet without a bold lip. Wax Kylie might fool Aunt Donna, but any loyal Lip Kit shopper would know the difference.

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourt’s waxen counterpart is about as spot-on as a non-person subbing in for eldest Kardashian sister could ever get, down to the tangle of cross necklaces about her neck. The hairline, the face, even the serious and slightly angry expression are all classic Kourtney. 

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