Here’s How To Get Burger King’s New McDonald’s One Cent Whopper Deal

Burger King is rolling out a real whopper of a deal — their signature burger for a mere one cent. Of course, there’s a catch.

According to Business Insider, the popular chain announced on Tuesday that it is “turning more than 14,000 McDonald’s into Burger King restaurants.”

Who would go to McDonald’s to get a Whopper? Burger King, apparently, according to an unusual tweet earlier today. The popular fast food restaurant plans to offer the substantial sandwich for one penny to customers who order it within 600 feet of any McDonald’s location.

The whole goal of the unexpected #WhopperDetour promotion is to highlight its relaunch of a new and improved BK App, and the incredibly affordable deal runs through December 12, which means there are plenty of days left to score such a substantial discount. Perhaps this is one to snag while out purchasing holiday gifts in the coming several days.

“If a guest is inside one of these geofenced areas and has the new BK App on their device, the app will unlock the Whopper sandwich for a penny promotion,” Burger King said in a press release.

“Once the 1¢ Whopper sandwich order is placed, the user will be ‘detoured’ away from McDonald’s, as the app navigates them to the nearest Burger King restaurant for pick up.”

The exciting thing for customers is the new app allows for mobile ordering, which means more convenience.

Currently, Burger King boasts about 6,600 locations in the United States while Mickey D’s has more than 14,000 restaurants operating under its golden arches, which means there should be little problem approaching within 600 feet of one to unlock the Whopper deal.

For the most part, potential BK app users appreciated and embraced the idea, which some called a genius marketing ploy. One Twitter user replied that the promotion “is a prime example of why BK is better.”

While not every BK location has mobile ordering available, in areas where they do, hungry would be McD’s customers may find themselves turning away to grab a one cent burger at McDonald’s chief competitor.

The app uses a technique called geofencing to unlock the deal, according to a New York Daily News report. Geofencing works by mapping out a specific area using either GPS or RFID technology. Then, the app alerts the mapper when a user goes inside the specially marked region.

This somewhat gimmicky promotion sounds like one affordable deal to try out before it is gone. Now the only question is, will McDonald’s fire back at its competition?

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