Here’s What Happened To The $40 Million House On ‘Selling Sunset’

Selling Sunset focuses mostly on the petty personal drama between several high-profile real estate agents in Los Angeles. But they have plenty on the line, career-wise, too. In Season 1, for example, there’s a $40 million house for sale on Selling Sunset, and everyone wants to nab that commission.

The staff of the Oppenheim Group tours the property in the very first episode, and the home is pretty incredible. It boasts 20,000 square feet, five bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a 15-car garage, four hot tubs, a pool, an elevator, and the largest rooftop deck in the Hollywood Hills. Plus, whichever agent closes the deal gets a sweet $1,200,000 piece of the pie, so yeah, there’s a lot of competition for who will be the one to get it off the market. The season concludes without much closure on what happens to the property, but lucky for you, we’re here with answers. So, did the house on Selling Sunset actually sell?

According to Distractify, the official address of the home is 8408 Hillside Avenue, and the page for the property still exists on the Oppenheim Group’s website, so it seems like it’s still for sale. Plus, the Oppenheim Group’s Instagram page posted a video just four days ago giving viewers a tour of the listing. The website doesn’t name a price, and the only description for the massive home simply says it’s a "contemporary architectural masterpiece available in 2019," so details are scarce on any real developments.

The home looks to be still very much under construction, but promises to be a showstopper when it’s finished. Here’s the full video tour:

It’s too soon to tell if Selling Sunset will be renewed for Season 2, but if it is, the mansion could definitely be a focus in future episodes — or any of the other insanely luxurious properties that exist around L.A. Executive producer Adam DiVello — who also created the beloved MTV series The Hills — told Variety that Los Angeles’ real estate market is more than enough to satiate viewers all over the world.

"Los Angeles real estate is something the rest of the world is interested in. L.A. and Hollywood culture plays well in other countries," he said. "Not only are you getting a show shot in Hollywood, the Sunset Strip, but you’re seeing these gorgeous $30 million, $40 million mansions that they’re selling that people rarely get to see the inside of — 18-car garages, some of them have two swimming pools and helipads on the roof."

Even if the $40 million home isn’t your jam, the Oppenheim group has plenty more to offer. How about this casual $25 million abode, or this gorgeous infinity pool-equipped cliffside mansion for a cool $23 million? If you’ve ever wanted to see how the rich and famous live, Selling Sunset has you covered.

Sure, the show (and the houses it features) can seem a little overwhelming, a little outrageous, and a little over-the-top — but that’s Hollywood, baby. If Selling Sunset returns for Season 2, it’ll no doubt give us yet another unbelievable property to lust after. And hopefully, some updates on the $40 million house too.

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