Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Wednesday, August 3

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Your leadership qualities shine and could be put to good use in a volunteer or fund-raising venture. It will feel good to be able to help a good cause, and others will be grateful for your energetic and passionate participation. You are making positive use of your time.


Relationships can be kept harmonious provided you are willing to talk and be honest with each other. Build on bonds already established. Encourage plenty of conversation between you and your partner. If you’ve been keeping too many things to yourself, learn to open up more.


Be sure money changes hands before giving over something you are selling. If a buyer asks you to hold on to an item for a few more days, they could change their mind. Be extra careful when dealing with people you hardly know and take care of financial transactions.


A workmate’s ideas will be good, but they will need some polishing before anything can be used in a practical way. You might enjoy playing around with some suggestions, especially when you can’t seem to come up with anything constructive of your own. A secret project will be brought out in the open.


Your inclination will be to try to talk a friend out of a decision that could change their life. If in your heart you know they have given this a lot of thought, you also know you should respect that it is up to them what they are going to do next.


A sibling or someone who is close enough to be just as special will provide you with exciting news. In order not to miss out on a chance to mix and mingle with those closest to you, try to postpone plans that require you to leave your immediate environment.


Someone at home is spending money as if it grew on trees. They don’t want to listen if you point this out to them because it isn’t what they want to hear. One way of protecting your own finances could be to open a separate bank account and keep this secret.


You’re thinking of the future, but it could be considered a selfish move if you fail to consider the wishes of someone who is never very far away from you. It could be they will share a similar interest in getting something out of life and together you could come up with some interesting plans.


Bite your lips with a younger colleague’s clumsy behaviour. They may be nervous about something but are too embarrassed to say it. A lot of your time will be spent with people who try your patience but showing your annoyance could make them feel even more awkward.


If you have recently been at odds with a workmate or neighbour, it will be a relief to notice your relationship is beginning to get on to a friendlier footing. Extra demands will be made on you in the workplace. Since there is no avoiding them, deal with them in a calm and confident way.


Being left to do your own thing in your own time is all you will really desire. After a lazy start to the day when it will take a little longer than usual to get into a working frame of mind, you should be able to achieve a great deal.


A team project will hit a snag when the uncooperative mood of someone in your team starts causing tension and difficulties. Others are letting them get away with it and giving them their own way. This will really annoy you. Making family travel plans will give you more fulfilment.

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