I love my partner but I think he only proposed to me because I caught him texting his ex

Before I accept, I want to be sure it’s for real and not just because he feels guilty about that one silly mistake

We have been together a long time with three children and another on the way. I am 27 and he’s 28.

He makes me feel so special and our sex life is so good, I feel as high as a kite after our steamy romps.

I know he adores me but I want to be 100 per cent sure of his motives for proposing. If I accept, getting married will be the icing on the cake.

DEIDRE SAYS: It sounds as though getting caught out made your partner even more aware of how special what you share is and that’s why he wants to cement your relationship with marriage.

Don’t overthink this and shoot yourself in the foot.

If he sounded sincere when he proposed, he’ll be so hurt if you reject him.

Say yes and relish that icing!

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