Inside Prince William and Kate Middleton’s home at Kensington Palace

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge live in Kensington Palace at Apartment 1A, with their three children Princess Charlotte, Prince George and Prince Louis.

They spent months renovating the 20-room, four-storey apartment that previously belonged to Princess Margaret.

Rumour has it the space is supposed to have five reception rooms, three master bedrooms, a nursery, dressing rooms and staff quarters.

Although the family spend much of their free time at their country retreat Amner Hall in Norfolk, this is their main day-to-day home residence.

Let’s take a look inside…

The family are not the only royalty to live at Kensington Palace, Prince and Princess Michael of Kent reside at Apartment 10 while the recently wed Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank are based at Ivy Cottage.

In the living room there are pristine beige sofas, which are a classic look, but probably not the most appropriate for young children.

The sofas are adorned with an array of cushions in different fabrics, from velvet to tasseled to silk.

They also have a beautiful floral arrangement on the table and matching lamps that frame the side board.

The drawing room is very spacious with antique furniture. There are different types of chairs from different periods, but the two sofas match.

Large paintings hang in gilded frames and their is a large green and beige carpet across the floor, contributing to the cosy yet classic feel.

Although most of the interior design is very traditional, there are hints of modernity throughout the room.

For instance the perspex glass coffee table with the art books on top.

The room has large windows which have seats for staring out across the palace grounds and also radiators underneath them.

Also in the room is an antique rocking chair for the kids to play on.

Will and Kate have more books in a unit against the wall.

Again they have mixed modern with classic with a silver sculptural plant pot.

The Duchess’ office is very traditional with a wooden desk which is lined with smart editions of classic novels.

She also has a woven paper tray and we can see that there a re cream sofas in the background.

Prince William office comes complete with an ornate marble fireplace, which is in contrast with the modernity of the bright white printer.

Above the mantel place is a large gilded mirror and there is a oriental-style lamp on the large green leather-covered desk.

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