Instagram account with messages from exes goes viral for funny texts

That’s why you should never text an ex! Instagram account documenting the toe-curling messages people have received from former lovers wins millions of fans

  • Text from your ex Instagram account has 2,000 posts and 2.6 million followers
  • Some posts show just how rude ex boyfriends can be when they’re feeling lonely
  • Others show the clever put downs that some women use to make sure they stop

Getting a text from your ex is never a good thing – they’re either desperate for an ego boost or want more than just a cuddle while watching Netflix.

That’s why this funny Instagram account Text from your ex is so relatable  –  collating various text messages from ex-partners from all over the world. 

With over 2,000 posts and 2.6 million followers it seems that many of us can relate to the ex dilemma.

Some posts show just how rude ex boyfriends can be, while others hilariously show the put downs we probably should have used when our ex last text us.   

This woman was sent a barrage of texts for an ex and finally she cut him off with a clever text, which hopefully meant he stopped

When a man mentions sex and you cut him off with how much you miss his apartment instead of his bed 

This ex is quickly rebuffed by his once girlfriend when she tells him he left more than a lasting impression 

When they double text you the only way to respond is with a Disney gif, but this ex was less than impressed 

This woman really has no clue who’s texting her, but she’s happy enough with her cat and Netflix

When they try and schmooze you with a meal, but this lady knows that married men are off limits….shame he doesn’t

When a Tom Cruise laughing gif is all that needs to be said to an ex that probably broke your heart, then comes squirming back for more

This ex couple really aren’t joking! One doesn’t want negativity, the other one simply doesn’t care 

When the ex texts you purely to comment on your appearance and you cut him down with just three words 

This ex really wasn’t get the jist of this woman’s response – when you get a response like that  surely its best to stop texting?

Most exe’s would stop when their last girlfriend tells them they’ve moved on…but this one think its a competition 

Ooops – this woman got mad when her ex text her and cut him off immediately, but he’d just got the wrong number

This stalking has been taken to the next level – a LinkedIn level, but the ex really doesn’t care 

When he begs and begs and he still won’t stop texting you – this woman is clearly very clever 

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