Is Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club Real, and How Are the Reviews?

For a long time after a few very public outbursts, Lindsay Lohan went quiet. People started speculating about what she might be doing and if she would ever come back. After all the negative attention, it seemed possible she might not want to continue a career in front of the camera.

But now it’s clear that she’s ready for round two. After months of rumors, MTV officially announced a premiere date for Lohan’s new show, Lohan’s Beach Club. The docuseries will follow the actress and a cast of employees working at this hip restaurant and bar situated on the idyllic shores of Mykonos, Greece. Lohan is serving as an executive producer.

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The wait is over!!! I’m so excited for you all to see my new show #LindsayLohansBeachClub! Watch the series premiere Tuesday, January 8th at 8/7c on @mtv and follow @MTVBeachClub for more updates! 

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Is Lohan’s Beach Club a real place?

The first question that came up for fans was the obvious one: was the premise for this new show based on a real place, or was it just made up for television? The answer to that is a little complicated.

There’s no disputing that Lohan’s Beach Club did exist in the summer and early fall of 2018. Like so many other spots in Mykonos, it attracted people who were looking to party, drink, and have a good time. The island is situated along the Aegean Sea and boasts sprawling clubs with famous guest DJ’s, thumping soundtracks, and non-stop carousing until the wee morning hours. It’s just the type of place you would have found Lohan getting sloppy ten years ago.

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Did Lohan Beach Club close down?

The bar and restaurant have a four-star review and 170 reviews on TripAdvisor, which proves that plenty of real people visited and loved the place. Some complained about overpriced food and snooty servers, but overall the reactions to Lohan Beach Club are positive. Which makes this next part so weird.

While summertime visitors talk about a lively party scene, other patrons in the fall months describe Lohan’s Beach Club as “quite mellow” and “pretty dead.” Reviewers admitted that it was the off-season, which could explain the lack of crowds and wild parties that were advertised. But then there were a few more concerning posts that can’t be explained by timing alone.

Reviewers are confused why the club looks abandoned

Marooney90 had this to say on October 4: “Unsure as whether this has closed down for the season or for good? We went down on a quad and it was just a shell of a place. Empty bar and all that remained was a fish tank which I hope someone is looking after the fish that are inside?”

If you go to the official Lohan Beach House website, you’ll find a small gallery of curated photographs along with the text: “Lohan Beach House Mykonos is closed for the winter season. You can find us at LOHAN NIGHTCLUB,” with a link to Lohan’s nightclub in Athens.

A recent traveler to the Greek isle explained it this way to Vanity Fair: “The D.J. booth was coming apart—there were dark stains on the floorboards around it, which made it look like a sacrificial altar. There was one tiny tabby kitten running around it.”

But perhaps the most telling sign came from the lack of signage. Where a frequently photographed logo used to stand, only the shadow remained with a dim outline of the word “Lohan.”

Many other local hotspots are taking time to board up the windows during winter in case of storms. But it appears no similar efforts are taking place at Lohan’s place – in fact, it looks like no one plans on coming back.

It’s possible the new MTV show will provide insight into the future Lohan’s Beach Club. Only one thing’s for sure: it was real, even if only for a few hot months.

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