Is The Sister Squad Over? The James Charles Drama May Have Been The Final Straw

I was in a band in fourth grade. By which I mean three of my girlfriends and I decided to call ourselves "Supergirl Shine" and sing Disney songs at recess. I know — you’re jealous of how cool we were. Anyhoo, one day my friend Brooke and my other friend Brooke (yes, we had two Brookes, keep up!) got in a huge fight over I have no idea what. But the Brookes basically stopped speaking, and "Supergirl Shine" never performed together again. Still bums me out every time I think about it, so I try not to. Ever since the Sister Squad unfollowed James Charles in the midst of all his drama with Tati Westbrook, though, I’ve had bad breakups on my mind. Is the Sister Squad over? Like, for real? Because I don’t think my fourth-grade self can handle another epic group fallout. Who am I kidding — my adult self can’t really handle it, either.

OK, so… I don’t know where y’all been if you haven’t heard about all the YouTube drama yet, but Westbrook basically canceled Charles on May 10 with her 43-minute takedown video, "Bye Sister," in which she charged him with (among other things) betraying her with his with SugarBearHair Instagram post and attempting to "trick a straight man into thinking he’s gay."

Oh yes, she went there. You can watch her full video here:

So yeah, this relationship is pretty much over. I just don’t see any coming back from this type of epic exposition, do you? I mean, the backlash from Westbrook’s video has just been so major. Charles lost about 3 million (and counting) subscribers on YouTube. He’s been unfollowed by celebs like Shawn Mendes, Demi Lovato, and Miley Cyrus on Instagram. And fellow YouTubers Emma Chamberlain and The Dolan Twins have all unfollowed him, too.

In case you forgot, Charles, Chamberlain, Ethan Dolan, and Grayson Dolan make (made?) up The Sister Squad — a nickname that was born back in 2018 when the four-strong posse first started posting videos together.

Check it out:

Here’s another video of the Squad — this one, a compilation of them in better times.

Aw, tear!

For the record, the relationship between certain Squad members was already all kinds of confusing in the months before the whole Westbrook situation went down, because it looked like Chamberlain and The Dolan Twins were distancing themselves from Charles.

And remember that time back in February when Chamberlain unfollowed both Charles and the Dolan Twins on Insta, which she later explained away as "a little social experiment for myself."

Did that social experiment include her rolling up to Coachella with Ethan and Grayson, but sans Charles?

I could have just been a coincidence, right?

Of course, we’re now all living in a post "Bye Sister" world, and on May 15, Buzzfeed shared the following image, shedding light on the fact that not a single Sister Squad member follows Charles on Insta anymore.

Add that to the fact that not one of them has spoken out publicly on their Squad member’s behalf, and it really does look like this partnership is dunzo.

At least we’ll always have their official family portrait.

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