Mum shares hilarious photos of her 'walking tornado' son's path of destruction

Kids are capable of wreaking a whole lot of havoc.

But we’re still impressed at just how much destruction three-year-old Romeo manages to cause.

The good news for us is that Romeo’s mum, Steffi Rox, 37, has documented every incident of wreckage caused by her son.

We say good news for us because the pictures are hilarious. It’s still bad news for Steffi, who has to clean up the mess left behind.

From smashing beloved mugs to smearing toothpaste on furniture, Romeo has caused every mess in the book, with every scene caught on camera and shared online.

Steffi, a community organisation director, said: ‘From day one, we were told Romeo was the biggest baby born in Torbay in 10 years, and he’s just been a whirlwind ever since.

‘My eldest child Brody, eight, is so chilled and calm whereas Romeo is like a walking tornado.

‘He learns through doing things, for example realising some objects break if you throw them across the room – I don’t even realise something is breakable until he touches it.

‘He blames our dog, Freddie, for everything but the poor dog hasn’t even done anything.

‘I started to post about it on Instagram just for myself because I’ve always taken pictures of what he’s done.

‘It blows my mind how he can get the whole house covered in cereal or wet wipes.

‘I didn’t have this wave of destruction with my other child so I find it quite funny putting the pictures together and looking back at what Romeo has done.’

Steffi says the worst thing Romeo has done has to be when he gave the freshly painted grey living room a lick of green poster paint.

The mum said: ‘He’s very apologetic and says sorry when he’s broken something – he’s very cute with it so it’s hard to be mad at him.

‘I’m still waiting for him to cake himself in Sudocrem at some point but he seems to have skipped that stage and gone on to do more destructive things.’

After Steffi began posting her photographic journey through Romeo’s path of destruction, the account began gaining hundreds of followers – something she didn’t expect.

Steffi added: ‘Brody has just started an Instagram to document his fishing hobby and he’s very upset that he’s doing a lovely sport and got no followers but Romeo’s page almost has 1,000.

‘There’s a lot of comments from other mums who say that they’ve been in similar situations to me and they’re very understanding.

‘It’s just something that other parents can relate to and laugh about in retrospect – it’s all a bit of fun.

‘I’m hoping to embarrass Romeo with the pictures and videos when he’s 18 and show him how untidy he made the house when he was little!’

Has your child caused more destruction than Romeo?

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