My drunk dad has always let me down — now I don't feel I can trust anyone

He’s 54 now and I’m a man of 27 but it’s only now that I’m realising just how badly he damaged me.

I spoil relationships because I can’t trust anyone close to me.

Dad always let me down and hurt me so much.

He’d promise to take me out and not turn up, or arrive so drunk that my mum couldn’t let me go anywhere with him.

He’s in hospital now because of his alcohol problems and we’ve drifted apart, but how can I improve my trust in people?

DEIDRE SAYS: It is very hurtful for a child when a parent seems to love the bottle more than them and eats into their self-esteem.

Try to see that your dad’s drinking was because of his issues, not because you weren’t loveable enough.

You can find support through NACOA – National Association for the Children of Alcoholics (, 0800 358 3456).

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