My girlfriend wants to have an abortion and I'm so upset at the thought of losing my baby

We met six months ago at a party. Our relationship got off to a rocky start but we were both delighted when she quickly became pregnant. I am 38 and my girlfriend is a 36-year-old single mum with two girls.

However, we argued one night and split up. She then told me she was aborting the baby. She said she wasn’t coping and that it was her body and her decision.

She couldn’t understand why I was so upset. She then decided she would keep the baby and hand it over to me after the birth.

We argued again and now she’s adamant she will terminate. Is it wrong for a father to feel upset at the thought of losing his baby?

DEIDRE SAYS: Of course not but hers is the main relationship with the baby and she’ll be most affected.

She’s probably right to believe your relationship isn’t soundly based enough to cope with the strains of a new baby.

Talk over your distress with the Samaritans (, 116 123).

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