My husband never pays our bills but always finds cash for drinks with pals – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: DESPITE paying nothing towards the household bills, my husband can always find cash for drinks with his pals.

I am 29, he is 30 and we have a baby boy just three months old.

He is working and I am on maternity leave so we are having to manage on less pay.

My husband will buy our food and stuff for the baby some weeks, but other weeks nothing at all, and he expects me to pay the rent.

Yet he still drinks with his mates – round at one of their houses, now the pubs are shut.

I have told him I feel like a single mum and I am fed up.

He just gets defensive and takes himself off.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Write down everything you have to pay out for each week – rent, fuel, food – plus everything that needs doing at home for the baby and round the house.

Sit down with him and insist you agree fair shares.

Say the nights out at his mates’ houses must end.

It’s not just the boozing but the risk to the health of the two of you and your baby.

Try to build up his confidence and bond with his son.

A great little book called Commando Dad, by Neil Sinclair, can help.

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