My husband's vowed to wear a T-shirt and jeans to my father's wedding because he's annoyed at him

I’m 35 and my husband’s 37. We have two boys aged nine and 11.

Mum and dad divorced years ago. Dad is getting remarried and it’s a big do. I’m a bridesmaid like my sister, our sons are page boys and her girls are bridesmaids. My brother is best man.

I’ve lied to my dad and told him my husband’s fine about it. My husband said he’ll come but just for the booze.

We never argue usually but are falling out over this. Do I tell my dad the truth about how my husband feels?

DEIDRE SAYS: Is there a reason why your husband should be so prickly about this? That’s what needs tackling. Point out this is the bride and groom’s day, so for those few hours their feelings matter the most.

But surely he could be an usher and show people to their seats? If your Dad won’t consider that, maybe he’s the one with the attitude problem.

My e-leaflet on Wedding Worries will help you all to work through this.

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