My wife’s been sending saucy pics to men but I want to make our marriage work – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I HAVE discovered my wife has been sexting other men and sending topless snaps.

We weren’t getting on and it seemed ideal when I was offered a temporary job at the other end of the country three months ago.

I’m back now and we want to make our marriage work but I saw a message on her phone and it turns out she’s been sending these photos and sexy messages for over a year.

She says she’s stopped since I’ve been back, that she never met up with any of the men and she has now changed her number. She is 35, I am 36. I still love her but where do I go from here? Can I trust her now?

DEIDRE SAYS: To sort this you are going to need to be honest with each other and yourselves about what was going wrong in your marriage before you worked away.

Was she feeling rejected and unloved, so she was looking for reassurance she’s desirable?

You can’t just sweep this under the carpet but you can make your relationship stronger than ever if you are both prepared to work at it.

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