Nabisco Releases Record Player That Uses Oreo Cookies As The Records

Just in time for the holiday season, Nabisco released a unique invention based on the brand’s popular Oreo cookie–a miniature Oreo cookie record player. Instead of an average record player, though, this one plays music by actually spinning cookies. It doesn’t quite sound like a device that would really work, but Oreo fans were impressed to find out that it does.

The “record” player, called the Oreo Music Box, runs for just $19.99 on Amazon, but the product is currently (and unsurprisingly) sold out, according to NME. The music box comes included in a collectible tin gift box with other Oreo products, such as original Oreo cookies, White Fudge cookies, and Oreo Thins.

According to a press release from Nabisco, users just have to simply place an Oreo cookie on the “turntable” (which looks like a simple cardboard box with a record needle attached) and slide the arm into place. The box automatically will begin to play eclectic instrumental music. What’s even more interesting about the product is that when users remove the cookie, take a bite, and put it back, the box will play something new.

“As your cookie gets smaller and smaller, the songs will change,” the statement said, which Consequence of Sound reported.

The record player turns “any standard Oreo cookie into a musical device,” the Amazon description reads.

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I can’t get enough of this @oreo Music Box, which plays Oreo cookies. I think it works by weight because as you eat the cookie, the song changes. You can buy this ridiculous thing on Amazon for $20 (including Oreos!) and make your favorite cookie-lover’s dream come true. #oreomusicbox UPDATE: My science-smartie husband said there are light sensors under the cookie. If you take a bite, more light shines on the sensors and it plays a different tune. ????

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Users can even record their own voice messages to play back simply by pressing the button included on the box.

The Oreo Music Box appeared in a segment on a recent episode of TODAY, where Hoda Kotb and Ellie Kemper tested out the product. The clip showed the box on a display surrounded by Oreo cookies.

Kotb and Kemper were wary of trying out the product, fearing that it might be a prank where something jumps from the box when the Oreo is placed. Still, they placed the Oreo under the arm and it began to spin while the arm lit up. The tune sounded similar to a theme song that one would heart in an ’80s video game.

Kotb removed the Oreo and took a bite. Sure enough, when she placed it back on the turntable, a new tune began to play.

The talk show hosts were impressed by the product, but did have one concern.

“Is the arm clean? We don’t know where the arm has been,” Kemper joked.

The Oreo Music Box comes two weeks after Frankford Candy released an Oreo Dunking Set, which is designed to make dunking Oreos in milk easier, according to Insider. The set includes three Oreo pouches, an Oreo mug, a cookie cage, an Oreo cookie tong, and Oreo napkins.

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