Nurse shares candid plea as she begs people to stick to Covid rules

‘We are fighting but we are tired’: Nurse begs people to stick to social distancing rules and urges families to rethink seeing one another for Christmas as she says healthcare workers feel ‘hopeless’ over the Covid-19 crisis

  • Molly-Elizabeth Francis, from Dublin, has pleaded with people to follow rules  
  • Nurse said healthcare staff ‘can’t fight Covid-19 alone’ and begged for vigilance 
  • Said: ‘It isn’t easy not seeing loved ones but it won’t be any easier from a hospital’
  • Facebook post was met with a wave of support from other social media users

A nurse has begged people to stick to social distancing rules amid the Covid-19 crisis in a candid plea online.

Molly-Elizabeth Francis, from Dublin, Ireland, took to Facebook as she urged the population to adhere to regulations because healthcare workers ‘can’t fight this alone’.

Speaking about working on a Covid ward, Molly-Elizabeth wrote: ‘I know it isn’t easy not seeing your family and loved ones especially this time of year, but I can assure you it won’t be any easier from a hospital room with very little other human contact.’ 

The heart-felt post has since been met with a wave of support as people rallied around to praise frontline staff as ‘wonderful and brave’. 

Molly-Elizabeth Francis (pictured), from Dublin, Ireland, begged people to stick to social distancing rules amid the Covid-19 crisis in a candid plea online

Taking to Facebook earlier this month, the nurse recalled a difficult shift at work, saying: ‘As I got to the unit, you could feel a shift in the energy that I have not felt for a few months now. 

‘I grabbed my PPE, found my assignment and without hesitation the charge nurse saw me and said your patient in room ** is dying. Just like that. These nurses see this every day and Covid has normalised this for some.’

She continued: ‘I had such a pit in my stomach knowing that out of my five patients, one could die with just me by their side that night. These patients are scared.’

‘As a nurse, there is no worse feeling than feeling hopeless when you have done all you can do and have your patient tell you all they want now is for it to be over so they can go home.’

The youngster shared a heartfelt social media post online in which she wrote of an exhausting shift and urged Britons to remain vigilant to the disease  

Meanwhile Molly-Elizabeth said she was left in tears after an ‘extremely long night’ at work, explaining: ‘I cried because I know so many people that are no longer taking masking and social distancing seriously. I cried because this illness is affecting those of all age groups. 

‘I cried because Covid isn’t just getting worse, it already is worse. We are seeing a spike in cases now just as bad as we did in March.

‘The people were applauding healthcare workers a few months ago and now I see those same people saying it’s okay to get together in groups for the holidays.’

The nurse acknowledged that it ‘isn’t easy’ for families to be apart during the pandemic but begged people to remain careful 

She urged people to be more careful with their choices, saying: ‘On behalf of healthcare workers, we can’t fight this alone. We need our communities to come together and put the greater good first.

‘We are your nurses. We are fighting but we are tired. Please do your part and we will do ours.’

Social media users have rallied round to show their support with one writing: ‘I thank all of you nurses. Don’t people realise the danger of you all getting this disease by just doing your jobs? 

The heart-felt post has since been met with a wave of support as people rallied to praise frontline staff as ‘wonderful and brave’

‘People should be ashamed of themselves for not doing what is best for everyone. Thank you all you wonderful nurses and doctors.’ 

Another added: ‘All our health workers are wonderful and brave, even when breaking inside. By us NOT behaving badly, we protect them a little, and hopefully more of us survive.’ 

And a third said: ‘Well done all those front line NHS staff, much love to you all and thank you everyday you face new challenges and meet them with huge commitment.’  

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