Paulina Gretzky’s Dad Totally Unfazed By Her Sexy Instagram Pics: Why He ‘Shrugs’ Them Off

The Internet goes wild every time Paulina Gretzky posts a sexy photo on Instagram, but how does her famous dad, Wayne Gretzky, feel about all the attention she’s getting? HollywoodLife has the EXCLUSIVE scoop!

Paulina Gretzky hasn’t lost any respect from her NHL legend father, Wayne Gretzky, because of her sexy pics on social media. “Paulina’s sexy photos don’t really phase him,” an insider tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “When she first started getting attention over the pics, he used to find it a bit mortifying, but now he just shrugs it off. Paulina is a grown woman, so it’s not like Wayne can tell her what she can and can’t post on social media. Even if he wanted to, it’s not really his business, at the end of the day. Wayne doesn’t look at Paulina’s social accounts, but he is proud of her. She is a smart, beautiful woman and a great mom, so there is a lot to be proud of.”

Paulina and her fiance, Dustin Johnson, have two kids together, but two babies certainly hasn’t kept her body out of tip-top shape! Just earlier this week, Paulina shared a photo of herself lounging on the beach in the Bahamas wearing nothing but a teeny bikini…and she looked incredible, as always. Paulina was in the Bahamas celebrating Dustin’s brother’s wedding, so there very well may be more bikini pics to come if the post-wedding vacation continues! 

Earlier this year, Paulina and Dustin seemingly went through a bit of trouble in their relationship. She even deleted ALL photos of him from her Instagram, and rumors swirled that he had cheated on her! She never commented on the situation directly, but he took to Twitter to explain that all relationships have “ups and downs” and confirmed that the two were “committed” to being a family. Since then, the couple has been seen together on several occasions, so if something did happen, then they’re clearly back on good terms!

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