Shh! John Krasinski Has Officially Started Writing the Sequel to A Quiet Place

Believe the hype — A Quiet Place is a horror movie masterpiece. The film, directed by and starring John Krasinski, follows a couple (Krasinski and real-life wife Emily Blunt) trying to raise their two children in a dystopian future. There’s a terrifying catch, however — while the family is still able to maintain a sliver of normalcy (eating dinner together, going into town, playing board games), they live with the constant threat that aliens could kill them at any moment if they make a single sound. While the aliens are blind, they’re incredibly fast and have freakishly good hearing, meaning that the characters must live life in near-permanent silence.

It’s a thrilling, inventive premise, resulting in a tense, brutally scary addition to the horror genre. Of course, given A Quiet Place‘s stellar reviews and its ending (which we won’t spoil for you here), it was ripe for a sequel. There are still plenty of fascinating things screenwriters Bryan Woods and Scott Beck could explore in a second crack at the nightmarish universe they’ve created, from the origin of the monsters to the stories of other survivors. Luckily for all of us, a second film is officially on the way!

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