Should I wait until after Christmas to leave my husband for our children’s sake? – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: IF I decide to leave my husband, which I am seriously thinking about, shall I wait until after Christmas for our children’s sake?

I am 31, he’s 33, and our girls are ten and seven. I am so unhappy. He does not respect me and puts me down.

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I gave up work to look after the girls and he constantly reminds me I contribute nothing to the family.

When the kids are in bed I avoid being in the same room. Do I have one last family Christmas and then separate?

DEIDRE SAYS: Because it is so close now, I guess it is best to get Christmas out of the way.

But start making plans so you can make a fresh start in the New Year. That in itself will help you cope these last few weeks.

My e-leaflet on Separation And Divorce explains sources of support. Start by talking to the Gingerbread single parent helpline (, 0808 802 0925).

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