Sleep quiz: What is your sleep persona?

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It’s hard to know what type of sleeper you are since you’re not able to watch yourself sleeping.

Unless you have a fitness tracker that detects your sleep cycle, you probably have no how well you sleep at night.

Bad dreams, anxiety, and social media keep many of us awake late into the night, is this you?

Or, do you find yourself napping in the day and fighting to keep your eyes open when it gets dark?

The Kally Sleep quiz asks you questions to find out how you sleep and offers tips to help you sleep better in the future.

Sleep quiz

Take this quiz here to find out for yourself

You’ll be asked questions about your sleeping position, who you share a bed with, your bedtime routine, what you wear to bed, and more.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll be taken to a page that reveals your sleep persona and tells you how to improve your sleep. reveals the four personas from the quiz and tells YOU how to get a better night’s rest.

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Pro Snoozer

Are you one of those people who can fall asleep whenever and wherever you want?

Well, you’re a Pro Snoozer.

Kally Sleep’s site explains: “If sleep was an Olympic sport you’d be getting the gold medal.

“That’s not to say you don’t put in the effort of creating the perfect sleep environment, you listen to the sleep experts and are rewarded with 8+ sweet hours of undisturbed shut-eye.”

There’s not much you can improve on, but you might find you wake up a little too early sometimes.

The experts recommend getting up when you wake up rather than snoozing for an extra 45 minutes.

Despite what you’d think, waking up and going back to sleep again disturbs your sleep cycle and leaves you feeling groggy.

Sleep Binger

Sleep binging is a thing, and sleep bingers love nothing more than sleeping.

In fact, they love sleeping just about anywhere, from their beds to a nap on the train.

You’d rather have an early night instead of going out, that’s for sure.

The sound of your alarm going off in the morning is far from music to your ears.

Kally’s Sleep experts say: “If you want to make waking up that little easier, try cutting out any unnecessary naps you might be sneaking in and try to have a relaxed evening with calming activities before bed.

“This will ensure you get better quality sleep and wake up easier in the morning.”

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Grim Sleeper

About a third of Brits suffer from insomnia, so at least 30 percent of us are classified as Grim Sleepers.

If you struggle to get comfortable, wind down, and fall asleep this can really impact your mood and lifestyle choices.

People who lead high energy lives and have busy minds often struggle to sleep and don’t get enough of it.

The sleep experts at Kally Sleep recommend creating a relaxing sleep environment by investing in some blackout blinds or curtains to make your bedroom dark.

You could also add a humidifier and spritz some sleep sprays on your pillow to help you relax!

The Wild One

If you don’t fit into any of the personas above, you’re probably a Wild sleeper.

Your sleep routine is unpredictable and ever-changing and you don’t have a set bedtime.

You won’t go home early from a party or switch off Netflix to make sure you get enough sleep.

Whether you get four hours of sleep or 9, you deal with the consequences the next day and never change.

That’s probably not a good thing though, and creating a routine will make you feel much better day-to-day.

Kally Sleep’s experts recommend meditating, reading or listening to a sleep app before you sleep, since all have been proven to help people switch off.

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