Supernanny Jo Frost slams mother for installing CCTV cameras

Supernanny viewers slam mother who installed ‘invasive’ CCTV cameras in her children’s BEDROOMS – and uses them to watch their private conversations with Jo Frost

  • Jo Frost helped parents Crystal Tobeck and Jeff Lawrence, from Washington 
  • Expert was shocked to discover couple put CCTV cameras around the house
  • They appeared in last night’s episode of E4’s Supernanny USA 

Supernanny USA viewers were left ‘stunned’ after a controlling mother revealed she installed ‘invasive’ CCTV cameras in her children’s bedrooms.

In last night’s episode of the E4 show, Jo Frost set to work helping Crystal Tobeck and Jeff Lawrence, from Washington, who doubled their family overnight when they got together, bringing kids from previous marriages under one roof. 

However, the expert and those who tuned in alike, were left ‘gobsmacked’ after the mother revealed she had installed security cameras in the children’s bedrooms so that she could keep a close eye on them.

‘I am gobsmacked they listened in to Jo’s 1st chat with the kids,’ wrote one, while a second agreed: ‘I’m stunned these parents have cameras in each of their kids rooms!’

In last night’s episode of the E4 show, Jo Frost set to work helping Crystal Tobeck and Jeff Lawrence. Pictured, with son Hudson, seven months while listening in on a conversation Jo had with their children

Jo Frost thought she was having a confidential conversation with the children, but soon learned she was being spied on (pictured)

Taking to Twitter, one person penned: ‘I am gobsmacked they listened in to Jo’s 1st chat with the kids’ (pictured)

The family is comprised of Jeff’s children, Keenan, nine and Delanie, seven, and Crystal’s children, Mya, eight, and Jaxon, seven, and their son Hudson, seven months, who they had together.  

During the episode, Jo was shocked to discover that the parents even ease-dropped on her confidential conversation with the children. 

‘We have cameras ourselves that we have set up in our home,’ explained Crystal. ‘So he can look at it when he’s at work.’

She went on to reveal that the cameras had been fitted in Delanie and Mya’s rooms, as well as the basement.

Jeff continued: ‘So what happens is a lot of the time someone comes busting through and saying, “so and so hit me.” So we can just say, “we we’re watching.”

And when Jo asked what the couple gain from it, Crystal replied: ‘Peace of mind because I can see my kiddos in there. I’m just afraid something is going to happen, like someone is going to get hit or hurt. It makes me feel more in control.’ 

The couple  (pictured, with Jo Frost) explained they fitted surveillance cameras in Delanie and Mya’s rooms, as well as the basement

The family consists of mother Crystal and her children Mya, eight and Jaxon, seven, and father Jeff and his children, Keenan nine Delanie, seven. The couple also have Hudson, seven months, together. Pictured, Crystal and Jeff

Turning to the camera, Jo explained: ‘The fact this family put cameras in the house, I think that’s cause for concern to be honest with you. At the end of the day, it doesn’t allow you to build trust.’

And it wasn’t long before she sat the couple down and confronted them. 

‘Your need for control, Crystal, is stifling,’ she said. ‘The surveillance cameras in the bedrooms? I mean, they don’t even have them in cells in prisons. 

‘You have surveillance cameras in their bedrooms! It doesn’t get any more invasive than that.’  

‘Even I went down to have a private conversation with the children, and you actually took it upon yourself to spy on me. As a professional, you invaded my space, and my privacy.’

As Crystal listened on, she replied: ‘It was ridiculous anyway, because I’d heard all of that.’ 

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