The Fake Home from 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' Just Sold for MILLIONS

Exciting news for those of you who care about a) the Kardashians, and b) pricey celebrity real estate. The original home of America’s First Reality Family just sold for a whopping $5.25 million after sitting on the market for an even more whopping 11 years.

And when I say the “original home,” I mean the original fake home—aka the place E! used to film exterior shots of the house so that no one knew where Kris Jenner and her kids really lived. Here’s an example of how it was used on the show:

Per TMZ, the Kardashian’s faux home is lurking in Studio City, and “passed through the hands of 19 agents and 9 brokerages before finally selling.” Which is honestly shocking because who WOULDN’T want to live here? Also, fun fact: the hallowed grounds of this mansion were also used for a Victoria’s Secret commercial.

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