The Fight For Democracy Has Just Begun in the Trailer For Designated Survivor Season 3

Official Trailer For Season 3

President Kirkman is back, and it looks like he’s already on shaky ground. Season three of Designated Survivor will officially premiere on June 7 at its new home on Netflix. The DC drama, starring Kiefer Sutherland, was picked up by the streaming service after ABC canceled it in May 2018 due to low ratings. This go around, President Kirkman is facing the the ugliest political reality: campaigning for reelection.

As seen in the trailer, Designated Survivor‘s third season focuses on Kirkman’s bid for reelection while confronting smear tactics, heated debates, and, of course, fake news. “Democracy, as we know it, will hang in the balance,” the show’s tagline insists.

The cast includes Kal Penn, Adan Canto, Maggie Q, and Italia Ricci, with new recurring stars Anthony Edwards, Julie White, Elena Tovar, Benjamin Watson, and Lauren Holly. Not only will the 10-episode season be available in its entirety globally, but the first two seasons are also currently available to stream exclusively on Netflix. Watch the trailer above, and check out some photos from the upcoming season, as well as a two-minute recap of the first two, ahead!

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