The Jonas Brothers’ Reactions To Their First No. 1 Single "Sucker" Will Make You Proud

The Jonas Brothers officially have their first No. 1 single. According to Billboard, the group’s first release since their reunion has jumped to the top of the coveted Billboard Hot 100 list (dethroning Ariana Grande’s "7 Rings" while it’s at it), and is also the No. 1 streamed track on all streaming services, according to Nielsen Music. And the Jonas Brothers’ reactions to their first No. 1 single "Sucker" is going to fill all of you Jonatics out there with pride.

"How can this be their first No. 1 single?!" you ask. Well, my boy band-loving friends, while they were of course hella popular when they were first together, they only ever had two songs in the Top 10 on the Billboard charts. The highest ranking the group ever reached was No. 5 with "Burnin’ Up" in 2008, according to Billboard. "Tonight," which also debuted in 2008, reached No. 8. Their first single ever, "Year 3000" (holy sh*t, talk about a throwback) debuted at No. 40, which all things considered, is a pretty good debut for a brand new group.

So they finally have their first No. 1 single with "Sucker." I guess people are just a sucker for it!! I’m sorry.

All of the Jo Bros tweeted about the honor. Nick Jonas tweeted on March 11,

He followed that tweet up with a thank you to everyone who listened to the song, as well as the group’s manager.

Then he gave a shout out to the Jonatics in one final tweet.

Joe Jonas tweeted a very Joe video that showed him wearing a Star Wars mask and a Spider-Man mask. In the video, he said, "OMG. OMG. We’re No. 1. I can’t believe it. This is crazy. You guys are amazing, and I just want to punch something, and kick something. YEAH!"

His tweet read,

Kevin Jonas also tweeted a video, but no Star Wars and Spider-Man masks were involved. He’s driving a car in the almost minute-long video (not safe, Kev!!) when he says, "I cannot believe it. Thank you so much to everyone that downloaded and has been streaming ‘Sucker.’ It feels really good to be back."

His tweet read,

He tweeted again about an hour later fangirling over one detail in particular relating to their No. 1 single.

According to Billboard, the Jonas Brothers have joined the ranks of Aerosmith as the only other music group in history to have a single debut at No. 1. Billboard‘s tweet said,

Kevin, appropriately freaking out, tweeted,

Congrats on your first No. 1, my Jo Bro angel babies!! Now go on tour. Now.

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