This hairless cat who had his eyes removed is an online sensation

Proud of his im-purr-fections! Hairless cat, 12, whose had both eyes removed after suffering ulcers is happy and healthy despite his unusual looks and should live for another 11 years, his owner claims

  • Jasper, 12, is a hairless cat from Maine who is popular online for unusual looks
  • Poor kitty, who lives with owner Kelli, had both his eyes removed due to ulcers 
  • But feline is happy nonetheless, with 80,000 followers on Instagram 

Meet Jasper, an unusual-looking cat who has no hair and no eyes.

The unique animal, who lives in Maine with his family, has become an Instagram sensation, blogging under the name Jazzy.purrs.

The kitty, who was adopted by his owner Kelli when he was two, had his eyes removed after developing a corneal ulcer in his right eye in November 2013 and then another in the left eye five years later. 

However, Kelli said that he’s perfectly happy and healthy at 12-years-old, and his vet says ‘there’s no reason to think he won’t live another 10 years’. 

And his lack of vision hasn’t kept Jasper from gaining popularity online, racking up 81,300 followers thanks to his distinctive look, Today reported. 

Meet Jasper, an unusual-looking 12-year-old cat from Maine, who has no hair and no eyes but is an Instagram sensation

A photo montage highlights how two corneal ulcers took Jasper’s eyes away. Pictured top left: before the first ulcers ; bottom left: Jasper after his ulcer in 2013 and Jasper after his second ulcer in 2019 

Kelli told Today she received Jasper as a Christmas gift from her friends, 11 years ago, because they knew she had always wanted a hairless cat. 

Jasper, who was a rescue, seemed healthy at the time, with episodic flare ups of the feline herpes virus, which made his eyes runny. 

However, in November 2013, Jasper suffered a corneal ulcer which left him in a lot of pain. 

The only way to relieve the poor feline was to remove his right eye. Kelli thought it would be the end of it, however, the same happened with the left eye five years later in 2018. 

In spite of being blind, Jasper lives a happy life with Kelli, who said she was impressed with how well he adapted to his new condition. 

When Jasper’s owner received the feline as a Christmas present eleven years ago, she thought he was healthy (pictured before his health problems)

Jasper without his eyes, under a cosy blanket. The feline adapted very well to his blindness and is as happy as can be 

Kelli with Jasper playing on her shoulder. The loving cat is very popular online for his unusual looks

Playful Jasper is well-adjusted and happy, with Kellu regularly checking in with his veterinarian 

‘He does pretty good. The first day home from the vet, he was climbing on the couch and on my shoulder and all over the place trying to explore. It was amazing to watch him,’ she said. 

However, it was not the end of the struggle for poor Jasper, who had a stroke in 2019, causing him to struggle to reorient himself being blind, and making him more confused by his environment. 

This prompted Kelli to put him in a pen when she is not home so that the cute feline can explore in a safe way, without hurting himself. 

Jasper in a snazzy black and white vest. Kelli adopted the little chap when she was only two years old

Basking in the sun. Jasper enjoys the sunlight in a tasteful orange jumper in a picture shared with his 81,300 followers on Instagram

While his lack of eye can prove intimidating to some, Jasper (pictured wrapped in a white and grey throw) is a loving animal 

Kelli, who said she had been criticized by people who thought she was ‘stretching this out’ said she was in touch with Jasper’s vets regularly and had his quality of life at heart. 

She is also the owner of two other rescue cats, one of which is also blind like Jasper.  

On Instagram, Jasper is a true sensation, posing for several pictures for his 81.300 followers. 

His fans often share artwork and drawings of Jasper with Kelli. 

A closer look at Jasper’s hairless paws with visible claws while he takes a restoring nap on Kelli’s lap 

Jasper ‘staring’ at the camera while wearing a black scarf adorned with moons and stars around his neck 

The little feline can be seen curling up for a cuddle on his owner’s lap after a long day of being fabulous 

Jasper loves to play and nap with Kelli. The kitty sadly suffered a stroke in 2019, which he has struggled to recover from 

Having a blast. Jasper looks relaxed liking his furless body. Kelli said she has always wanted a hairless cat 

Kelli said it was very impressive to see how fast Jasper had adapted to his new life without eyes after his second operation

Fashion icon. Jasper can be seen on the prowl around the house in a Hawaiian shirt adorned with fish

Dinner time! Jasper tucks into a delicious treat laid for him by doting owner Kelli. The feline has been living with Kelli for 11 years  

When Kelli is not home, she puts Jasper in a pen so he can stay safe and sound when she’s not there

Terrifying! Jasper shows his teeth as he meows while wrapped under a dark grey throw in Kelli’s home 

King of loungewear: Jasper showing off in an adorable turquoise jumper adorned with other hairless cats

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