This simple equation is dividing the internet – can you solve it?

A viral maths equation has left the internet divided.

Ready? Here it is: 6 ÷ 2(1+2) = ?

Since being posted to Twitter, the seemingly straightforward maths problem has been answered by thousands – firmly splitting math Twitter into two camps: team one and team nine. 

While math is typically a subject that isn’t open to interpretation, this is one question that’s attracted impassioned responses on the correct answer. 

But some suggest the question isn’t as simple as first thought. So, why the confusion? The internet can’t seem to agree on that, either.

The main confusion is around BODMAS, an acronym that’s usually taught in early school years to help children remember the order of operations in calculations. In practice, understanding these rules should mean that a sum is calculated in the right order and has a single answer. 

With responses flooding in from around the world, many of those taking on the challenge are pointing to curriculums overseas for the confusion over how to solve it.

Questioning how maths is taught in different countries, one user commented ‘omfg how are English people doing maths’.

Others say it’s as simple as the equation being written in the wrong way.

It’s also been called ambiguous and assumed to have multiple answers – though that opinion has been repeatedly shut down by the majority, who believe the answer is either one or nine.

The post has attracted over 16,000 responses on Twitter so far but without a unanimous decision, it remains unsolved.

The question now is, are you team one or team nine? 

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